Enterprise Tackle Niteglow Corn

Niteglow Corn

Price - £3.05

Tests have proven that blue/green light is most visible to fish in low light conditions. Our Niteglow corn contains high grade luminous additive giving a glow time of up to 8 hours when fully charged. Charge the corn for approximately 1-2 minutes, slowly rotating it in the beam to ensure all areas are fully charged. Charge times will vary depending on the type of torch being used. We recommend that you use our U. V. torch sold separately, for charging within 15 seconds.

After the initial very bright glow, the corn will continue to glow for several hours at a reduced glow. We recommend recharging after 4-5 hours to maintain a good glow level.

In the interest of fish welfare, we recommend that artificial baits should be securely attached to a hair rig.

8 per pack.