Finkelde Aquacloud Hookbait Booster Liquids

Aquacloud Hookbait Booster Liquids

Sale Price - £7.95

Our Aquacloud hookbait booster dips are ideal for dipping your hookbaits. Once they have then hit the water they will not only diffuse attractors but also generate a colour cloud around your hookbait. Especially in clear water this draws the fish in like a magnet. Available in resealable 250 ml bottles.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is almost a forgotten classic. We have added it to our di prange and I am sure it will find many fans.

Peach Supreme

Peach Supreme is a further lovely smelling fruit dip, which can also be combined with fishy type of baits. Not only in spring this bait is a real producer!


The sweetish smell in conjunction with the white cloud that this dip creates in the water has already seduced many big carp. Also in murky water this dip is highly recommended.

CF2 Squid & Krill

This dip is based on liquid attractors that we also use in our CF2 Squid & Krill bait, but it works equally well in conjunction with other baits.

Orange Squash

This lovely fruity smell will not only make carp anglers mouth water. Ideal in conjunction with fruity baits.

NRG bull

During tests his extravagant flavour has proven to be exceptional and produces great results all year round.