Finkelde CF2 (Squid & Krill) 1kg

CF2 (Squid & Krill) 1kg

Price - £10.95

Over the past years our CF1 boilie has firmly established itself as an incredibly reliable big fish bait. No matter, where it is used, it dominates the catches. Based on the successful CF1 concept, we have produced a krill version, which is equally effective as our CF1 bait. Our Krill Protein Concentrate as well as finest krill meal instantly attracts fish. Especially during long baiting campaigns it unleashes its full potential. Its unobtrusive black colour avoids bird attacks but also ensures the fish don´t get spooked on pressured waters. Our team has extensively tested the CF2 Squid & Krill and is absolutely impressed with the bait, so we can now proudly present the new CF2 Squid & Krill.