Finkelde Featherweight Pop ups

Featherweight Pop ups

Price - £7.50

To match my range of bottom baits, highly attractive pop ups are also available. Featherweight pop ups remain buoyant for a long period of time and they have proven irresistible to carp. Due to the fact that pink baits can be very effective, especially in spring in shallow water, the flagship in the range, the CF1 is available in both a food bait and a fluoro pink version. Fluoro baits can very effective when used as single hookbaits so that's the reason we have added a fluoro yellow Pineapple Excess bait to the Featherweight pop up range. This is one of my all time favourite baits.

Featherweight pop ups are available in 15mm or mixed 15 & 20mm.

CF1 (Squid & Liver) - Brown
CF1 (Squid & Liver) - Fluoro Pink
Crazy Banana - Yellow
Monster Crab XL - Light Brown
Sweet Tiger Nut + - Fluoro White
Scopex & Strawberry - Red
Pineapple Excess  - Fluoro Yellow
Mulberry Dream - Purple
Pure Pepper - Light Pink
Fruit Blast PS1 - Green & White Mixed
The Foodsource (Megaspice) - Dark Red
CF1 White Squid Specials - White
Squid & Plum - Purple & White Mixed
CF2 (Squid & Krill) - Black
Magic Mango - Orange & White Mixed