Finkelde Food Source Liquids

Food Source Liquids

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Food source liquids can be used in boilie mixes and groundbait or stick mixes or as bait dip. They can also be used in PVA bags, stick mixes and they are ideal to flavour particles.

Finkamino (400ml)

Finkamino contains liver extracts, amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals. Due to its high nutritive value and distinctive smell it is irresistible to carp. I use this product in almost all my baits and as a bait dip. Finkamino is without a doubt one of the finest attractors I have ever laid my hands on. Use 20-25 ml per kg of dry mix.

Seduction (400ml)

This exclusive liquid attractor has been dominating a number of very hard UK waters for quite some time now. Seduction contains shellfish extracts, amino acids, peptides and various taste enhancers. It is 100% water soluble and can be used in summer and winter. Seduction is perfect as a bait dip and for use in conjunction with PVA bags. The reaction of carp to Seduction has to be seen to be believed. It is quite simply phenomenal, hence I always carry a bottle of Seduction in my bait bag. Use 20-25 ml per kg dry mix.

Belachan & CSL (250ml)

Belachan, produced from fermented shrimp, is an irresistible attractor, which mainly gets used in baits containing fishmeal. By combining belachan with corn steep liquor we have created a unique product and the exceptional catches achieved with this liquid confirm that it is a true winner. This combination is the secret tip in the food source liquid range. The results of team angler Fabio Gerratana, who was involved in the testing of this product, have been exceptional and his catches are now known way beyond of Milan/Italy. Use 25-30 ml per kg dry mix.

Salmon Oil (250ml)

Salmon oil is a true classic among carp attractors offering the carp an excellent fat and food source. The advantage of salmon oil is that it also works well in cold water temperatures. It is ideal for use in stick mixes and groundbaits but also in conjunction with PVA bags. Use 15-20 ml per dry mix.

Green Lipped Mussel (250ml)

Green lipped mussel is rich in natural betaine and has a unique fishy type of smell and taste. We offer this product in a liquid version. Green lipped mussel is particularly suitable for baits containing fish or meat meals, however baits including cream or fruit flavours can be enhanced by the addition of this liquid. Carp absolutely love it and thus GLM liquid should not be missing from your bait kitchen. Use 20-25 ml per kg dry mix.

Liver + (250ml)

Without a doubt liver extracts are among the finest carp attractors, hence the unique Liver + liquid just had to be included in the range. After intense research I sourced the best liver extract available for carp fishing purposes. Due to the addition of a special activator we have managed to unlock the full potential of this unique attractor. During tests we regularly observed carp literally hoovering up areas which had been baited with baits containing and soaked in Liver +. Team angler Jan Ulak highly rates the use of Liver + as a bait dip. His successes prove that he can´t be wrong. Use 25-30 ml per kg dry mix.

Anchovy Concentrate (250ml)

Anchovy concentrate is rich in amino acids and trace elements. It works particularly well in fishmeal type baits. The salty and fishy taste of this liquid will turn any bait into something really special. Whilst testing anchovy concentrate team angler Markus Tölk had incredible results fishing on his local waters in Germany. Use 20-25 ml per kg dry mix.

Garlic Enzyme (250ml)

Garlic enzyme is the answer to the question, that I posed to a respected fish nutritionist; "what is in your opinion the most underrated natural carp attractor?".
At Conningbrook, a very hard lake in the UK, a bait containing this attractor dominated the catches for a long period of time. Tests on other waters across Europe and beyond readily confirm the superb pulling power of this liquid. Ideal to use as is, or in small quantities to enhance other baits. Use up to 25-30 ml per dry mix.

Agent S (250ml)

Most of you will immediately recognise Agent S when smelling it. This attractor is a true bomb! Already many years ago I used it on a regular basis in my baits. It is based on a natural extract and cannot be overdosed. Highly recommended, if you´re looking for something truly extraordinary! Use 20-25 ml per kg of base mix.

Krill Protein Concentrate (250ml)

Krill protein concentrate or KPC is basically a liquid foodsource. This liquid of Norwegian origin is also used during production of our CF2 Squid & Krill baits. During tests it immediately convinced our team. Use 20-25 ml per kg of base mix.