Finkelde Mini Pop Ups 6mm mixed colours

Mini Pop Ups 6mm mixed colours

Sale Price - £5.00

With our mini pop ups you can make your bottom bait presentation visually more attractive and you can also critically balance it. Every tub contains 6 mm pop ups in different highly visible colours. Especially on pressured waters our mini pop ups can give you an edge.


With the neutral version of our mini pop ups you are very flexible. You can soak them in our Attracta or Food Source liquids to obtain the pop up of your choice.

Pineapple Excess

Already in sizes 15 and 20 mm our Pineapple Excess Pop ups has been responsible for some heavy surprises and the mini version is just as good. If you like fishing with pop ups Pineapple Excess is the one for you.

CF1 Squid & Liver

What can you say more about CF1 Squid & Liver. Every customer using this bait is impressed and catches constantly well. That´s why a CF1 version was a must have in our mini pop up range.

Fruit Blast PS1

This exotic mix of essential oils und fruit flavours is one of team angler Patrick Scupin´s favourites. Patrick has been catching well on this bait for years. The bait works particularly well on waters with poisson chat, such as Cassien, because the poisson chat don´t seem to like the smell of the baits, however the carp do love it, hence it was time to add this fantastic bait to the range. If you´re looking for a very special fruit bait Fruit Blast PS1 is the one.