Gardner Tackle Zig Rig Foam

Zig Rig Foam

Price - £2.99

Super buoyant, close cell foam - ideal for balancing baits and rigs. Excellent when cut down and fished on a Zig Rig or other floater methods. The super buoyancy means Zig Rig hook baits can be kept smaller; a proven technique for catching out Carp that have been fished for with conventional baits on Zig Rigs in the past.

* Will absorb flavours for a steady leak rate.

* 12 x 28mm pieces per packet.

* Now available in 8 colours: Pink, Orange, Pellet Brown, Brown, Red, Yellow, Black, White or Mixed Colours packs comprising either original or new colours.

* Top Tip - Zig Rig hook baits should be mounted on a very short hair, keeping the hook in tight to the Zig Rig Foam to get the best hook holds possible. We recommend Size 12 Mugga Hooks.

Mixed = 3 each of Yellow, Red, White & Black

Mixed Plus = 3 each of Pellet Brown, Brown, Orange & Pink