Gardner Tackle Carbon Skorpion Stick

Carbon Skorpion Stick

Sale Price - £40.00


An ultra light Carbon version of our Skorpion throwing stick that offers the angler greater distance and accuracy!

 * The new Carbon Skorpion Stiks have evolved directly from our hugely successful Skorpion range of plastic throwing sticks. These new Stiks still features the same swept and curved design, that effectively accelerates and stabilises the bait in flight by increasing the centrifugal force generated as the bait accelerates along the curved portion of the stick.

* The massive reduction in weight makes the stick easier to use, and the reduced effort means that you can easily maintain consistency and accuracy even after firing out a lot of bait.

* The Carbon Skorpion Stik is designed for use with boilies up to 22mm in diameter; and works superbly whether you’re flicking out 14mm baits at short range or firing air dried 22mm baits as far as possible.

* These sticks are manufactured from high modulus carbon with a 3k Carbon finishing wrap that looks great and adds extra strength to the finished throwing stick.

*The stick features a comfortable non-slip shrunk rubber hand grip and a removable plug for easy cleaning.

* Along with the ‘Pro-Pela’ carbon stick we’re now able to offer a choice of shapes, conventional or swept, which means anglers are able choose their favourite depending upon personal preferences and technique.

* Super lightweight – weighs approx. 50 grams.

* Supplied with reinforced carry case.

* DISCLAIMER:This product is not designed for use with frozen boilies or stones.


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