Gardner Tackle Slinga Large Catapult

Slinga Large Catapult

Sale Price - £7.50

Accurate baiting is an absolutely critical aspect of all carp and coarse fishing, and the most widely used tool by anglers for firing baits to the chosen spot is often the humble catapult. They are unquestionably the fastest and simplest means of doing this. The new Slinga catapults are based on an extremely strong frame and use reliable, high performance latex elastics, with a choice of three tailor-made pouches to suit specific baits and baiting scenarios. The Particle pouch is perfect for firing out larger quantities of any bait when creating a bed of bait, ranging from large volumes of small particles like hempseed, all the way through to large boilies when you want to create a banquet fit for a king carp.

* ‘Hi-grip’ non-slip, rubber hand grip.

* Extremely strong, yet lightweight reinforced composite moulded frame.

* Choice of 3 pouches – Boilie, Particle and Ground bait (also available separately).

* All pouches feature reinforced eyelets, embedded in a double layer vinyl material for extra strength.

* High strength latex elastics with non-slip grip to securely retain elastics in place so they will not slip even after repeated use when firing baits out to absolute maximum range.

* Height = 22.5cm, Width = 18cm (between arms).

* Colour: Black.