Muddy Waters Clinga Old Skool

Clinga Old Skool

Sale Price - £1.50

Ultra lightweight and sexy as you like, these heads grace many setups including Terry Hearn, Nigel Sharpe, Lewis Reid, Joe Morgan, Damian Clarke, Danny Fairbrass, Lee Jackson, Adam Penning, Ali Hamidi, Gaz Farnham and Cash Farnan just to mention a few from the incredibly fast growing list of users.
Small is beautiful at last! The Old Skool heads have completely taken the indicator world by storm.

With 2g in clear and coloured Acrylic and 3g in PTFE (white), these are the ultimate in sensitivity. These heads cater for the true traditionalist in all of us. Isolite size for the Old Skool head is 4mm x 10mm.


Also available: Clinga Old Skool Kit.