Gardner Tackle Chod Skin

Chod Skin

Price - £11.99

Without doubt one of the most impressive hooklink for multi-purpose use we have ever developed in our testing. The number one choice hooklink for casting hookbaits at showing fish, where the lake bed tends to be a bit scruffy, the chod colour blends in seamlessly with filamentous weed, pond weed and decaying leaf matter that covers 95% of our lake beds. A next generation, extra supple, ultra strong and abrasion resistant hooklink with fast-sinking core.

* Fast sinking, ultra-supple Dyneema inner core braid allows free movement of small, light hookbaits, greatly improving hooking efficiency and the effectiveness of this type of rig.

* Removable, semi-stiff, outer coating is extremely user friendly, easy to strip and knot, whilst retaining the necesary strength and stiffness to avoid tangles and tie advanced rigs.

* Camo Blend - subtle, low viz camo fleck on the inner core is the ultimate stealthy disguise, creating a deadly presentation that will catch them out in almost any situation.

* Low viz, matt finish, 'dark chod' coloured outer skin is perfect for almost any lake or river bed.

* Available on 20m spools in 15lb and 25lb

* After 3 arduous years in development, the new Skins range offers truly exceptional strength and durability, whilst still retaining the low diameter needed in any number of devastating hooking setups.