Gardner Tackle Covert Chod Hook

Covert Chod Hook

Price - £4.25

Next generation specialist chod/stiff link hook.

* Phenomenally sharp, long straight point, precisely etched onto an extra strong forged and tempered high carbon steel wire.

* Wide gape, non reversed bend and medium length shank, with a  well formed 15 degree out-turned eye that ensures that materials like Trip Wire and fluorocarbons exit the inside of the eye at the optimum angle.

* The out-turned eye effectively reduces unnecessary kinking on monofilament-type hooklinks that may reduce their performance.

* Medium length shank is angled slightly in, towards the hook point, which is a critical attribute in providing the strongest possible hook holds, giving you total confidence when you are playing the carp of a lifetime.

* Covert Stealth Hook Technology - by applying a technically advanced, anti-glare plating system, Gardner have taken camouflage to a completely new level. The problems associated with pale Teflon coatings - the tendency to rust around the eye, prominence on dark lake beds and added bulk to the hook dimensions - are now eradicated once and for all. Covert stealth plated hooks offer improved camouflage, sharper points and better performance than ever before.

* Available in Sizes 4, 5, 6 and 8 in Barbed and Barbless.