Gardner Tackle Covert Continental Mugga Hook

Covert Continental Mugga Hook

Price - £4.25

Continental Mugga hooks feature an extra strong wire, combining the original Mugga’s amazing hooking power with the strength required for extreme fishing situations.

* Alignment of hook point and eye aids positive penetration. 

* Continental Muggas feature 30% stronger forged, high carbon steel wire.

* Covert finish reduces glare and mimics predominant colours in the environment, offering ultimate camouflage.

* Short curved shank and 25˚ in-turned eye turn the hook aggressively, giving secure bottom lip hook holds.

* Razor Sharp chemically etched point.

* Ideal for big fish angling in weed and near snags.

* Available in Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 in Barbed.