Gardner Tackle Covert Incizor Hook

Covert Incizor Hook

Price - £4.25

The versatile classic, now with Covert stealth plating. A superbly versatile shape, the Incizor has proven extremely reliable for use in a huge number of angling situations, whether used in the smaller sizes for Zig Rigs or in the other sizes for more conventional rigs for specimen Carp, Tench, Bream, Barbel or Chub, the numbers of huge fish of all species captured on these brilliant hooks is staggering.

* The point is durable thanks to double tempering the highest quality Carbon Steel and the non-reversed bend and general dimensions of the Incizor mean this pattern will remain the hook of choice for a great many discerning anglers around the world.

* Available in Sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10 in Barbed or Barbless.

* "Does everything that you want a hook to do. Strong, sharp and reliable. A good all round hook that I use for open water and snag fishing in the majority of angling situations." (Dave Benton)

* Covert stealth hook technology - by applying a technically advanced, anti-glare plating system, we've taken camouflage to a completely new level. The problems associated with pale Teflon coatings - the tendency to rust around the eye, prominence on dark lake beds and added bulk to the hook dimensions - are now eradicated once and for all. Covert stealth plated hooks offer improved camouflage, sharper points and better performance than ever before.