Gardner Tackle Disruption


Price - £11.99

Colour segmented, camo disguise hooklink - very tricky for carp to detect. During field testing, it became clear that breaking up the outline of our hook lengths is critical to fooling the fish. By making the colour sections as short as possible, we have achieved a unique hooklink that blends seamlessly into 'patchy' lake beds, virtually disappearing from view.

* Disruptive colour matched sinking Dyneema core braid

* Removable, semi-stiff, colour matched outer coating is extremely user friendly, easy to strip and knot, whilst retaining the necessary strength and stiffness to avoid tangles and tie advanced rigs.

* Two effective Camo Disguises - Weed Green Disruption or Mud Brown Disruption - unique variable colour segmentation breaks up the outline of the hooklink underwater.

* Available on 20m spools in 15lb and 25lb

* Colours: Weed Green & Black or Mud Brown & Black

* After 3 arduous years in development, the new Skins range offers truly exceptional strength and durability, whilst still retaining the low diameter needed in any number of lethal hooking setups.