Gardner Tackle Invisi-Link


Price - £9.99

An amazing multipurpose 100% PVDF Fluorocarbon, perfect for hooklinks and leaders, that’s fast sinking, extremely strong and virtually invisible under water.

* Invisi-Link is a ‘clear’ Fluorocarbon and this means that it will effectively match any lake bed.

* Manufactured to balance the rigidity required to kick hook baits out with the suppleness to ensure it retains high knot strength ultimately giving an unobtrusive presentation.

* Perfect for boom sections on hinged stiff rigs and combi-rigs, as well as a great hooklink option for D rigs/clone rigs.

* Available in 20lb (0.40mm), 25lb (0.45mm) and 30lb (0.50mm) breaking strains.

* Supplied on 25m spools.