Gardner Tackle Zig Link

Zig Link

Price - £4.99

A unique hooklink developed specifically for Zig rig and floater fishing.

* Lo-Lite minimum reflection finish. Reduced glare ensures the carp are far less aware of Zig Link's presence rising up through the water column – especially in the bright warm conditions that tend to bring the fish up near the surface.

* Ultra low memory and supple feel helps Zig baits and floaters behave more naturally.

* Excellent breaking strains for line diameters – important as successful floater fishing requires finesse in presentation to attain the most consistent results.

* Our unique GT NANO RESIN formula gives uncompromising performance in knot strength and shock resistance.

* Parallex Level Winding Technology virtually eliminates flat spots giving near-zero memory and ensures that Zig Link arrives to you in pristine condition for optimum performance.

* Available on 20m Spools in 8lb, 10lb and 12lb.

* Colour: Ultra Clear Lo-Lite.

* Exceptional value for money.