Solar Tackle Contour Unleaded Hooklink

Contour Unleaded Hooklink

Price - £10.99

Contour Unleaded is a unique, heavyweight braid that makes for the ultimate hook link material. Fast sinking, this material hugs the contours of the lakebed like none other, making it all but impossible for feeding fish to pick up and detect, or spook off of, your hook link.

Memory free and super supple, Contour Unleaded is also incredibly abrasion resistant and strong making it the perfect material for any use, from open water fishing to severe-snag fishing. Ideally suited to any presentation, and particularly effective for Solid PVA bag fishing, Contour Unleaded is available in two colours to cover every situation, black and khaki. For those that like to be a little different, the Khaki colour will 'take on' permanent marker, allowing you to customise your hook link to any situation.

Make no mistake, this is one of the the best materials in carp fishing.


Available in 15lb and 25lb breaking strains.

Available in black and khaki.

Supplied on 20m spools.