Solar Tackle Stronghold Longshanks (Mute Camo Coating)

Stronghold Longshanks (Mute Camo Coating)

Price - £5.49

With an extra-long, shank-to-gape ratio the Stronghold Longshank hooks have optimum anti-eject properties, ideal for fooling tricky and pressured carp. The super-sharp, chemically-sharpened points and straight eye suit this hook to many presentations while the flat profile reduces 'skidding' for a solid hook hold and they're forged for extra strength.

Like the Stronghold 101s, these hooks also benefit from the revolutionary, Mute Camo finish, which is both dull and ultra durable. Not only does this make the hooks all but disappear on most lake beds, it also enables each hook to maintain its sharpness for longer.


Aavilable in sizes 1 to 10.


Ten hooks per packet.