Target Target Specimen Hook

Target Specimen Hook

Price - £4.25

This is a great all round pattern that is perfect for catching a wide range of species.

 * Target Specimen hooks are perfect for use with an extremely wide variety baits and rigs for a range of species; from hard fighting river species like big chub and barbel, to still water fish like tench and bream – right through to carp.

* They have been manufactured with an extremely strong forged high carbon wire too offer the power too subdue large fish with relatively small sized hooks.

* The combination of a beaked point and 5o in turned eye ensure excellent penetration and strong hook holds. Another big advantage of the beaked point is its resistance to becoming dulled or turned over whilst you’re fishing on gravel.

* The hook features a non reversed bend. This means that the hook point and the hook shank line up with one another, and it is this relationship, along with the penetrative angle created by eye and beaked point genuinely aids positive penetration.

* During extensive testing the size 12’s have been used extensively by members of the Gardner Tackle carp team for zigging and feedback has been that these hooks have performed superbly.

* Strong and reliable, sharp beaked point and 5o in-turned eye.

* Featuring Gardner Tackle’s unique Covert finish.

* Available in 10, 12, 14 and 16 Barbed and Barbless.