Ultima Entity (Pure Fluorocarbon)

Entity (Pure Fluorocarbon)

Sale Price - £6.50

Pure fluorocarbon hooklink.

  • Pure Fluorocarbon
  • Pure Invisibility
  • Pure Perfection
  • Strong
  • Supple
  • Fast Sinking

Entity has been engineered to vanish from the radar, becoming undetectable underwater. As a uniquely softened pure fluorocarbon it presents bait naturally.

"Invisible and so supple, got to be the first choice mono hooklink" Lee Jackson, Carp Angling World Champion 2011

Entity is the ultra-soft pure fluorocarbon hooklink material that is virtually invisible when submerged in water. With superior knot strength, high abrasion resistance, and an ultra-fast sink rate, Entity delivers the best presentation as discreetly as possible. Available in weed or clear in 20m spools.