Solar Tackle Contour Unleaded Leader Material

Contour Unleaded Leader Material

Price - £13.99

Contour Unleaded is a unique, heavyweight braid that makes for the ultimate leader material. It sinks like leadcore, but with the absence of the lead-wire inner Contour Unleaded is infinately more supple and is memory free, so hugs the contours of the lakebed better than any other leader material, giving you the perfect presentation every time.

Lacking a wire core, and being incredibly supple, Contor unleaded will not kink like leadcore can, making this a far safer material for rig construction. It's also easy to splice, making leader construction neat and easy every time, but you can safely tie knots in Contor Unleaded too, with excellent knot strength with blood knots, palomar knots, grinner knots, loop knots and many others.

Contour Unleaded is also incredibly abrasion resistant and strong making it the perfect material for any use, from open water fishing to severe-snag fishing. It's available in two colours to cover every situation, black and khaki, and for those that like to be a little different, the Khaki colour will 'take on' permanent marker, allowing you to customise your leader to any situation.

Make no mistake, this is one of the the best materials in carp fishing.


Available in 40lb and 80lb breaking strains.

Available in black and khaki.

Supplied on 10m spools.