Gardner Tackle Kinetic Marker Braid 25lb

Kinetic Marker Braid 25lb

Sale Price - £17.00


Specially developed for marker rods. Everything that moves contains energy. Kinetic braid harnesses that power enabling you to feel every contour of the lake bed.

* Near-zero stretch offers ultimate sensitivity and pinpoint feedback to your marker rod, meaning Kinetic Marker Braid transmits the movement of the lead more accurately as it’s pulled across different types of lake bed, helping you to understand your venue’s topography better so you can pinpoint the hot spots in your swim.

* Improved performance

* Superior 8-Carrier construction gives a round profile and smoother finish, gliding through rod rings for easier casting and fewer wind knots.

* 100% Dyneema

* Rated at True Knot strength (most braids aren't)

* Tough & Abrasion Resistant

* 250m Spool

* 25lb (11.3kg), 0.32mm

* Low Viz Dark Green

* Kinetic Spod Braid also available.