Gardner Tackle Mirage Fluorocarbon 600m

Mirage Fluorocarbon 600m

Price - £56.99

A larger capacity spool introduced to the range after demand from anglers fishing at extreme range, and simply wanting the flexibility of buying the line on a larger capacity spool. Spooled with a line marker at 300m. Brand new, premium performance 100% Fluorocarbon mainline, made in Japan for the ultimate quality.

* Fast sinking - lies flat on the bottom for ultimate presentation at all times.

* Nearly invisible under water. The refractive index of 1.42 is very close to that of water, making Mirage almost impossible for fish to spot even in the clearest conditions.

* High-tech low memory formula gives unparalleled casting performance.

* Ultimate tensile and knot strength: Mirge has consistently out-performed all other fluorocarbon mainlines during testing. Unlike monofilaments, fluorocarbon lines tend to work best with a blood knot.

* Low stretch - offers improved bite indication and a crisp precise feel.

* Higher abrasion resistance than other premium fluorocarbon mainlines.

* Non hydroscopic - does not absorb water that causes monofilament lines to lose knot strength after long periods immersed in water.

* UV Resistant - does not deteriorate in sunlight.