Gardner Tackle Insight GR60

Insight GR60

Sale Price - £17.00

Very Popular, versatile line. Smooth with very little memory. This premium line has been available for many years now and is a great favourite with many top anglers.

* Available in 12lb (0.35mm, 1033m), 15lb (0.40mm, 792m) and 18lb (0.45mm, 628m).

* Colours: Clear or Green.

* This superior GR60 line has been developed to bring together the most advanced features that today’s big fish anglers demand. The result is a line that displays not only incredible knot strength, but high resistance to abrasion - yet not wiry in structure. High tolerance factors in manufacturing produce a uniform diameter line that is super smooth with very little memory.

* The stretch factor has been controlled to an optimum level giving just the right control over hard fighting fish.

* Spooled on large diameter bobbins and produced in small batches at a time, this line reaches you in total ‘fresh’ condition.

* "GR60 is a major step forward in fishing line for people that demand the best" - Chris Ball.