Gardner Tackle Insight GR60X

Insight GR60X

Sale Price - £19.99


After the long term success of GR60 which still holds a various number of records, the next generation of line has been launched, GR60X.

* Due to the type of structure in manufacturing of this line, GR60X has a better sinking rate than GR60.

* Does not hug the bottom like some fluorocarbons; this allows GR60X to lift up in the water when striking giving more of a positive strike, rather than like some fluorocarbons which are pulled through the water.

* Superb uniform diameter and non reflective matt finish for less visibility.

* GR60X is suppler than GR60 but still has the same if not better abrasion resistance, knot strength and reliability.

* Spooled on large diameter bobbins and produced in small batches at a time to reach you in total ‘fresh’ condition.

* 1/4Ib spools.

* Available in 10,12 and 15Ib.

* Colours green or clear.