Ultima Power Carp XR

Power Carp XR

Sale Price - £14.99

  • Maximum Resilience
  • Long Casting
  • Super Slick
  • Total Durability
  • Fast Sinking
  • Ultra Soft

Power Carp® XR has been engineered to endure extreme abrasion. The inclusion of a rare aluminium compound increases the abrasion resistance to more than twenty times that of a normal mono.

While XR is unbelievably tough it remains remarkably soft and supple, ensuring smooth casting.

Never before has a line combined such incredible abrasion resistance with this level of softness and ease of use.

“The abrasion resistance of XR is just astonishing. Nothing else comes close.” Steve Renyard, Ultima Carp Team UK

The carp angler’s most common concern in relation to his main line has always been abrasion which was the focus behind the development of Power Carp® XR. What Ultima has accomplished with XR surpassed our most optimistic objectives many times over. The inclusion of a special aluminium compound has increased the abrasion resistance to more than thirty times that which can be expected from a normal mono. At the same time, incredibly, XR remains extremely soft and supple. Power Carp® XR is not only the toughest line you can lay your hands on but also the softest and is a testament to Ultima’s technicians and consultants.

Available on 1000m spools.