Ultima Zero


Sale Price - £11.99

  • Exreme Range
  • Smooth Casting
  • Super Strong
  • Low Diameter
  • High Abrasion
  • Ultra Supple

Ultima Zero is the specialist low diameter casting line that has been designed to achieve maximum range with minimum effort.

Zero has been engineered to meet rigorous strength and abrasion resistance requirements whilst maintaining a lower diameter than comparable lines.

Zero is a supple, reliable line that will deliver consistently in all carp fishing situations.

“Zero raises the bar for all casting lines. Superb.” Mark Hutchinson, Record Distance Caster

Designed to get you where you want to be with minimum fuss and effort, Ultima Zero is the ideal casting line. Range was the priority in this products conception but all the aspects important to carp anglers, including knot strength and abrasion resistance, have been carefully engineered to produce a performance line that will land fish time after time. Soft and supple, this line feels supremely smooth and runs through the rings like silk. You won’t find a better casting line. Available in a low visibility gun smoke colour.

Available on 1000m spools.