Gardner Tackle UV Torch

UV Torch

Price - £3.99

Great Value. UV Torch with keyring attachment, perfect for night fishing. A very handy little gadget.

* UV light is the best way of charging up phosphorescent items like Fake Baits, Glo Pro line marker liquid or any other glow-in-the-dark products.

* Tiny size with keyring attachment

* Ultra-Violet LED is bright enough for a multitude of uses when fishing at night

* Simply squeeze to turn ON and also features a toggle ON/OFF nail switch

* Bulb and battery will last for years (in normal use)

* Apart from sunlight the UV Torch is the best way to luminous items - Hold the Torch close to the object to be 'charged' (about 3-5cm away is best) for 15-30 seconds, rotating the object if necessary for best coverage.

* Also available with Glo Pro Twin Packs.

Caution: Do not shine directly into eyes.