Gardner Tackle Covert XL Buffer Beads

Covert XL Buffer Beads

Price - £3.99

Extra value -  12 per pack. Improve the performance of chod and helicopter style rigs.

* These extended buffer bbeads  retain the special rounded smooth design helps to eliminate tangles which can often occur when hooklinks wrap around the top of round beads or swivels on the cast.

* Extended robust rubberised construction acts as a cushioning buffer, protecting the lead knot or leader from damage whilst playing hard-fighting big fish.

* 12 beads per packet.

* Low-viz camo colours available in Solid, Silt or C-Thru Green & Brown to match the rest of the COVERT range.

* Perfect for Chod rigs: The extra length separates the lead from the hooklink swivel, protecting the hook point from being damaged by touching the underside of the lead when being retreived.