Gardner Tackle Covert Kwik Lok Swivels Size 8

Covert Kwik Lok Swivels Size 8

Price - £3.10


The quick and convenient way of changing hook lengths. Ideal for use with all quick change rigs.

* Anti Glare black finish reduces visibility under water.

* Extra strong, smooth spinning and completely reliable.

* Round swivel eye ensures maximum knot strength.

* Size 8 swivel eye is sized perfectly to fit securely into all lead clips ensuring the lead is safely discharged before the swivel is released from the lead clip (IMPORTANT).

* Quick change crook allows looped hooklinks to be attached effortlessly without the need for fiddly knots.

* To secure hooklinks in position and prevent tangles, we recommend covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves as illustrated.

* Batch tested for reliability.

* 10 swivels per packet.

* Top Tip: Use a cut down tail rubber and slide over the crook for security and to avoid tangles.