Gardner Tackle Covert Rig Rings

Covert Rig Rings

Price - £1.60

Gardner Rig Rings are integral to a great many advanced rig applications. Whether being used to mount baits on a D-Rig, slide on a hook shank, use on hinge rigs or as a small and strong link between different lines, these strong rings are ultra reliable and an absolute 'must have' in any well stocked tackle box. Invaluable.

* Anti Glare black finish reduces visibility under water for stealthy presentation.

* Extra strong and completely reliable in any situation - they will never let you down at a critical moment.

* Seamless for good knot strength.

* Anti Corrosion.

* Available in 4 popular sizes to suit most rig applications - Extra Small (2.5mm Outside Diameter), Small (3mm Outside Diameter), Large (4mm Outside Diameter), Extra Large (4.4mm Outside Diameter), Oval (4.5mm Length) and Large Oval (6mm Length).

* Use large rig rings with our pop up hook aligners and XL rig rings with XL hook aligners.

* 10 rings per packet.