Gardner Tackle Covert Silicone Sleeves

Covert Silicone Sleeves

Price - £2.10

Useful for streamlining terminal connections (tidying up swivels, links, leads, etc.), reducing tangles, protecting knots, as a sleeve joining different sized tubing and a multitude of other uses.

* Flexible silicone compound will stretch over all types of swivels, clips and links to help disguise your end tackle keeping your rigs inconspicuous and tangle free.

* Strong and durable to withstand all the rigours of carp/specimen angling.

* Trim down to the required length to suit your own specific needs.

* 24 sleeves per pack.

* Low-viz camo colours available in Green, Brown, Grey & Mixed to match the rest of the Covert range and suit any lake or river bed.