Gardner Tackle Critical Mass Putty

Critical Mass Putty

Sale Price - £5.50

Now available in Green and Brown as well as the original Black, Critical Mass Putty has been developed to have the maximum stickiness making it easy to use whatever the temperature. With a super high density Tungsten formula (so you don't need to use much), it is ideal for fine tuning and balancing a neutral density presentation.

* Will adhere to all mono lines, skins and braids and will not slip allowing you to fish secure in the knowledge that your presentation has not been jeopardised.

* Lead free - safer for the user and the environment.

* Perfect for balancing hook baits or pinning down hooklengths, leaders and mainlines; all of which helps to disguise the presence of the rig and maximise the chance of the fish making a mistake and picking up the hook bait.

* Comes is a handy container - 15g per pack.

* Colours: Black, Green or Brown - for further camouflaging your end tackle to whatever lake bed you're fishing.