Solar Tackle 5 in 1 Boilie Needle Plus System

5 in 1 Boilie Needle Plus System

Price - £14.99

This 5-in-1 baiting tool, is the only baiting tool you will ever need. Supplied with four needles, a boilie needle, a fine, maggot needle, a PVA stick/stringer needle and a fine, nut drill, each can be eaisly and securely attached to the easy-grip handle in a matter of seconds, giving you the perfect baiting tool for any situation.

The back of the handle features a boilie-stop dispencer, so they are always to hand when needed, which can be easily refilled with [BSN] - Boilie Stops (Clear) as needed. The four needles are spplied in a soft, rubber holder to keep them together in your and the handle is available in four, hi-viz colours and one glow-in-the-dark option, so that you never lose it.

Available in red, blue, green, yellow and nite-glo