Target Target Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Target Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Price - £1.99

Target Anti Tangle Sleeves are used to create a small boom effect on hooklinks that helps to kick them away from the mainline, weights and feeders.

 * Using Target Anti Tangle Sleeves helps to reduce tangles and works really well on many types of ledger rig – including running and helicopter rigs, lead clips and paternosters.

* These Anti Tangle Sleeves are only 16mm long, which means that they are small enough not to interfere with the mechanics of helicopter rigs (longer sleeves can actually cause tangles as they stop the hook link spinning).

* They work superbly with either size 12 or size 20 Target Swivels or Kwik Lock Swivels.

* Target Anti Tangle Sleeves are available in two excellent colours – Natural Green and Natural Brown.

* 10 Anti Tangle Sleeves per packet.