Target Target Buffer Bead Terminal Pack

Target Buffer Bead Terminal Pack

Price - £1.99

Buffer Bead Terminal Packs include 5 of both the Target Buffer Beads and size 12 Target Rig Swivels.

* The Buffer Beads are designed to be used with size 12 Target Rig Swivels, and are ideal for incorporating into running ledger rigs and running paternosters.

* They sheath the swivel and protect the knot from the from being damaged by lead swivel – and help to keeping your set up neat and tidy.

* The Buffer Bead Terminal pack offers excellent value for money as you no longer have to buy a full packet of each of the components – instead all that is needed is one pack and your ready!

* As anglers we all know how important it is to keep all the components that make up our terminal tackle as camouflaged and subtle as possible – and having good camouflage colours and scaling down the size of items like these Sleeves helps you create a more effective and less obvious set up.

* All the swivels in the Target range features Gardner Tackle’s Anti-Glare finish to help hide them from fish and make them less visible in clear water conditions.

* Target Buffer Beads are available in two excellent colours – Natural Green and Natural Brown.