Target Target Kwik Lok Swivels

Target Kwik Lok Swivels

Price - £2.50

Target Kwik Lok Swivels are excellent for incorporating into a variety of rigs where you want to quickly change hooklinks.

 * By using the tried and tested Kwik Lok System you do not compromise strength with this component.

* All you need to do is tie a strong figure of 8 loop knot in your chosen hook link material, loop this onto the Kwik Lok Swivel and sheath the joint with an Anti Tangle Sleeve for added security.

* Target Kwik Lok Swivels are available in sizes 12 ansd 20.

* The size 12’s are purpose made to work with our XL Buffer beads and Target Lead Clips.

* Size 20’s are perfect for anglers targeting species such as Roach and Rudd – who are looking for a higher degree of finesse.

* All the swivels in the Target range features Gardner Tackle’s Anti-Glare finish.

* 10 Kwik Lok Swivels per packet.