Target Target Rig Swivels

Target Rig Swivels

Price - £1.99

These multi purpose Target Rig Swivels are available in two popular sizes which fulfil the requirements of dedicated specimen anglers targeting a variety of species.

 * Target Rig Swivels are available in sizes 12 and 20.

* The size 12 Target Rig Swivels fit the Target Buffer Beads and Lead Clips, and despite their diminutive size retain the strength needed when battling hard fighting species such as barbel and tench.

* Size 20 Rig Swivels allow you to achieve delicate presentations using fined down tackle for species such as roach and rudd.

* All the swivels in the Target range features Gardner Tackle’s Anti-Glare finish to help hide them from fish and make them less visible in clear water conditions.

* 10 Rig Swivels per packet.