Gardner Tackle Flip Top Box

Flip Top Box

Price - £2.99

A great value, handy 'bits & bobs' tackle box.. This multi compartment tackle box is small enough to fit in a pocket and is a great asset when a roving angling approach is being used. A true bargain.

* Suitable for hooks, beads, fact any small items that you need to carry around and don't want buried in the depths of a large tackle box.

* Made from strong durable plastic with heavy duty moulded hinges.

* Largest compartment has 6 dividers that can be adjusted to make bigger or smaller internal compartments.

* Box and all compartments 'click shut' and do not fall open accidentally.

* Handy carry strap (removable).

* Length = 10.5cm, Width = 9cm, Depth = 3.5cm (when closed).