Gardner Tackle Fluoro Dissolving Foam

Fluoro Dissolving Foam

Price - £4.20

Quick dissolving Fluoro coloured floating foam nuggets have a multitude of uses including protecting hook points in weed or snags, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing hairs tangling when cast, etc. Dissolving Rig Foam can also be used to pack spods to prevent bait spillage during long casts.

* Large resealable slider bag can be reused time and time again.

* Biodegradable foam is environmentally friendly.

* Contains free 'session pot'.

* Net weight = approx 50g of foam.

* Top Tip - For quick discharge just nick the hook into the foam. For a longer dissolve rate, 'lick 'n stick' the foam nugget by wrapping and squeezing it around the hook. It will remain on the hook longer before popping to the surface.