Gardner Tackle Double Barrel Easi-Loada

Double Barrel Easi-Loada

Price - £14.99

Now with Free Double-Ended Plunger! Why carry 2 PVA tube systems, when you can just carry one? The Double Barrel Easi-Loada includes both the Boilie and Wide Boy PVA tubes, one inside the other.

* Strong outer tube and tight fitting weatherproof end caps to ensure a water tight container.

* Both 'barrels' come fully loaded with 5 metres of Gardner's acclaimed  Micromesh ladder proof All Season PVA (5 metres of Standard Size + 5 metres of Boilie Size).

* Free Double-Ended Plunger (compressor) included.

* Excellent value for money.

* 5m 'one shot' and 20m bulk refills of Fishnet PVA and  Micromesh PVA are available separately.

* Diameter of Standard Size PVA tube = 35mm

* Diameter of Boilie Size PVA tube = 23mm.

* A refined PVA product - the Continuous Deluxe Micromesh PVA has a fine denier weave, ideal for use with maggots and tiny pellet and powder combinations.

* Gardner have developed the Micromesh PVA to be robust enough for all PVA fishing requirements yet fine enough to ensure rapid dispersal in cold water conditions.

* This is a highly recommended product - THE No.1 PVA that top anglers choose. Consistently out performs all other PVA mesh materials, especially when used in cold water.