Gardner Tackle Easi-Loada Micromesh Refill 20m

Easi-Loada Micromesh Refill 20m

Price - £17.99

A refined PVA product - the Micromesh PVA has a fine denier weave, ideal for use with maggots and tiny pellet and powder combinations.

* Gardner have developed the Micromesh PVA to be robust enough for all PVA fishing requirements yet fine enough to ensure rapid dispersal in cold water conditions.

* This is a highly recommended product - THE No.1 PVA that top anglers choose.

* Consistently out performs all other PVA mesh materials, especially when used in cold water.

* Available in 5m or 20m refills.

* The Standard (wide) version is very popular with anglers that prefer to use larger PVA bags - ideal for focusing the attention of feeding fish on the area of your hook bait with a mound of freebies, whether they are tiny pellets; whole, chopped or crumbled boilies; maggots or PVA friendly particles.