Gardner Tackle Mini H-Blok Marker

Mini H-Blok Marker

Price - £3.50

A mini version of the popular H-Blok big water marker float ideal for smaller waters (as well as the larger inland seas), bait boats and rowing boats.

* Formed from toughened, high visibility, fluorescent orange, moulded plastic.

* Lead drops to the bottom whilst the Mini H-Blok unwinds to the exact depth, every time.

* Always floats directly above the lead - the clever H shape design guarantees the marker will stay where it is put, despite strong currents and waves, enabling extremely accurate baiting time and time again.

* Use a 3oz lead and sufficient mono or braid to reach the bottom.

* The ultra bright fluoro orange colour is highly visible even in poor light conditions, with strong ripples and at long range.

* Can be camo painted, if required, to disguise the baited area.

* Length=6cm, Width=5.5cm, Depth=1.75cm (exactly half the size of the normal H-Blok).