Gardner Tackle PVA Bags (25 pack)

PVA Bags (25 pack)

Sale Price - £2.50

Superior quality, reliable dissolvable 'solid' Mini PVA bags.

* Solid PVA Bags are superb for encapsulating the entire terminal tackle with dry feed such as pellet and crushed boilies.

* Gardner high quality solid PVA Bags are immensely popular as they combine strength and a high melt rate with the ability to 'lick and stick' the corners to make the finished PVA parcels more aerodynamic for casting.

* Now available in 2 pack sizes, original packs of 10 and new bulk packs (25 bags for Micro and Mini / 20 bags Standard and Magnum).

* Micro Bags Length = 95mm, Width = 45mm.

* Mini Bags: Length = 105mm, Width = 60mm.

* Standard Bags Length = 130mm, Width = 80mm.

* Magnum Bags: Length = 140mm, Width = 110