Gardner Tackle Slinga Spare Pouches

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Price - £2.50

The Particle pouch (for LARGE SLINGA) is perfect for firing out larger quantities of any bait when creating a bed of bait, ranging from large volumes of small particles like hempseed, all the way through to large boilies when you want to create a banquet fit for a king carp.

The Boilie pouch (for LARGE/ SMALL SLINGA) has been designed for accurately firing small tight groups of bait, and for firing out boilies at maximum ‘pult range.

The Ground bait pouch (for LARGE SLINGA) incorporates a reinforced cup, stopping the pouch from crushing and cracking the ground bait ball. It’s strong enough to easily cope with the demands of firing ground bait balls to distant marks.

* All pouches feature reinforced eyelets, embedded in a double layer vinyl material for extra strength.