Finkelde CF1 line (carp mono) 1200m spool

CF1 line (carp mono) 1200m spool

Sale Price - £12.00

With the Zero Compromise range my team and I have compiled a range of line and hooklink materials covering all situations carp anglers encounter on the bank. In the range you will find only reliable products that will help you catch more fish. During development of the product range we made no comromises. Zero Compromise – your way to successful fishing!

CF1 line (high performance monofilament)

Having a reliable mainline is very important, not only in carp fishing. The CF1 fulfills everything that my team and I request from it. It is extremely abrasive resistant and the fairly low stretch ensures a very good bite detection, even at range. The CF1 line is soft and casts very well. Thanks to its longevity it is the ideal mainline for today´s carp angler.

CF1 line is available on 1200 m spools in clear or green, in 0.33, 0.38 and 0.41 mm.

0.33mm/8.6kg (19lb)0.38mm/12.9kg (28lb)0.41mm/16.4kg (36lb)